The Immigrants who landed at New York's Ellis Island numbered over 12 million. They came from every corner of the globe, in search of what became known as the American Dream.

This is a very interesting view of the changing of a country by emigration.   Different times and different situations.

The immigrants that entered into the United States between 1492 and 1900 came because they were searching for a better life of respect, honesty, and freedom.  But as the years advanced, those dreams became tarnished.  They did not simply settle the country, but they tried to eliminate the original population.  And that is what most immigrants seem to be trying to do now.  The better life of respect, honesty, and freedom is slowly giving way to total chaos;  confusion; disorder; a state in which the parts are undistinguished.

Many Years, Many Ways

    I am an old woman, and have seen many changes in the past 9 decades.  Most, sad to say, brings no comfort or benefit to the general populations of this world.  In fact, they have brought homes, communities, and countries to the very bottom of the pit.  Morals, technology with its abusive trends, spirituality, and the best of congeniality has hit the lowest point in human cares and endeavors.

People have become so selfish and so dependently independent.  They seek the praise and sympathy of their peers, and have no spiritual thought. They gossip about all their peers, but then praise all their peers for love and support from them.  The saying used to be "flattery will get you nowhere", but is now "flattery will get you everything you want".  They may support each other, but they fight viciously among themselves to be "top man".  There seems to be no intelligence except that of the narcissist.  They cry out "Love; Peace", but there is no real love and no peace.  How can they be happy?

There is no happiness without peace;  there is no peace without forgiveness.