Walk The Talk

What you say
1. You say "I wouldn't " or "I won't" do that---
then you do just that.... It becomes .......... Shame
2. You say "I will"
then you don't ...... it becomes ....... Guilt
3. You say "I'll try, because it should be"
then if you do it , it is success without pride;
then if you can't do it, it is failure without guilt.

Love and Service
1. If you love God with all your heart then you do not vilify His love by disregarding His desires.
2. If you love someone you would do everything you could to please them or make them comfortable. If I say I love someone, it is the same thing.
3. If you serve someone, you go in and do what they want done, the way they want it done, and not what you want to do or to do it your way.

The temptation is always there to just study and learn and discuss rather than learn and do. We also have  adopted a “classroom mentality” in the church, (ie), knowledge for knowledge’s sake rather than a “disciple mentality,” learn to live it out in daily life.