Why are dreams sometimes so Vivid?

Last night I dreamed that Bob came home.  I heard his foot steps in the hall, and he came into the bedroom and stood beside the bed for a minute.  Then he lay down beside me.  His foot was healed, and he was like he was many years ago.  Then Eboni came and nudged me, wanting to go outside.  I got up and let her out.  When I got back into bed, she was there again; and once more.  I said to myself "how many times am I going to have to let you out?"
The dream was so "real" that as I was waking up I looked to see if he was in his bed.

Breaking The Alaster Cruse

by Tom Wacaster
(Tom is our second son)

The beautiful story of Mary and the alabaster cruse is recorded in John 12:1-8. It is, perhaps, one of the more well known incidents in the life of Jesus. I typed “John 12:1-8” into my Mozilla Fire Fox browser and an astonishing 22,600,000 links were provided for my investigation. When I typed in “Matthew 26:6-13” (parallel account), I received 3,400,000 links. The search on “Mark 14:3-9” produced 506,000 links. That is a total of more than 26,000,000 links to the three parallel passages, far more than I could ever hope to investigate. In comparison, I typed in “atheism” and received only 7,550,000 links; “evolution,” 16,300,000; “Hollywood,” 19,500,000. The large number of links to various sites that tell of this touching story of Mary and the alabaster cruse attest to the fulfillment of our Lord’s prophecy: “Verily I say unto you, Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached in the whole world, that also which this woman hath done shall be spoken of for a memorial of her” (Matt. 26:13).