Steps Upward

What does it take to make an "ahah" experience?
Some think it is the "turning on of that light bulb in the brain", which is a good explanation.  When we are enlightened with sudden insight to understanding, we feel that light come on!  Even the man of wisdom that discerns spiritual things (or thinks he does) can have that sudden insight enlightenment sometimes.

To understand something, we must have knowledge of that thing, at least to a degree of discerning.  The more we know about it, the better that understanding.   We must give our attention fully to the matter with an open mind to learn.  One cannot be biased, or prideful and puffed up, if one expects to reach a total understanding.  And if we can achieve that total understanding of the matter, we can feel that "light bulb go on" with a twinge of joy!

Now, if one would wish to have "ahha" experiences in their spiritual understandings, then one must have an open, inquisitive and searching mind-set to allow truth to flow in.  But before starting that searching, one must have wisdom and understanding of their FAITH, and confidence in what they believe.  Their faith must be strong enough to be able to discern right from wrong, and truth from falsehood, and study of the scriptures and Christian principles set down therein is the path to be taken.... earnestly and diligently.  To know the absolutes that cannot be ignored as well as those things that must be ignored when they are what must be kept between you and your God concerning your relationship with your fellowman.   It is the ROAD WE WALK!