23 Oct 2010
Dreaming sometimes surprises me.  Learning something or solving a problem can come in the wee hours of the night.  One point in mind is that Christ taught us to give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s.  If we do not follow the path of that principle, we soon learn that we can lose, and the loss sometimes would be devastating!

Last night I was dreaming that the tax assessor came to my house to inventory what I had in my house for taxing.  And WORDS would be the basis of the taxing, of all things. 
As he went through the house he would check things, and it seemed that a word was attached to everyting.  I began to tremble at the thought of the size of taxes that I must pay.

When at last the time was drawing to a close, a friend walked in and brought back a book that I had loaned her, and the tax assessor  said “Aha, books!”  At that I simply grew feint-hearted!  I knew that I had just lost everything I had!

About three days later, he came and told me that I had lost everything and he would be taking over.  But there was one thing I might could do to keep it.  I would have to sign over my house and everything I had to him and that would free me from having to pay taxes.  But then he could give it back to me as a gift and I could keep it as long as I kept the house in order and maintained it in good condition. 
It was a perfect gift!