Wha Is This Life?

What is this LIFE? What is the purpose for this LIFE? I hope to get some comments on this!
It seems to be that it is not about us as humans, but about the battle between good and evil. We either have a relationship with the fun and games of a physical relationship with the world, or we have a spiritual relationship with God. No matter what it is.... riches or poverty; male or female; happiness or sadness; even faith or unbelief.... it is either a physical relationship with the world, or a spiritual relationship with God. It is like a Mary or Martha type of choice; a physical relationship to feed the body, or a spiritual relationship to feed the soul.

Here I remember the old story the Indians told of the grandfather telling the grandson ... there are two wolves in us; one is evil and one is good and they are at battle within us. The grandson asks which one will win, and the grandfather replies .... it is the one that you feed.

.Quote from Rob: We are created for God's pleasure, and we are to fear God and keep his commandments. We have been made ambassadors for Christ to convince others to accept and obey the gospel. God initiated the plan, paid for it, and will keep his side of the bargain. We choose this day whom we will serve, and every day God gives us another chance to make the right choice. We invest in this life to gain the true Life. God did the work, and we get the profits.

.Pamela West Olsen::) Ecc. 12:13: "Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man."

Of course, all of this is good, good answers! Biblical! What the Bible tells us about our duty to God and all about His promises to us. And what our purpose is for being here.

But what about that daily walk, and those daily choices? If we live by the Spirit, then we bear the Fruit of the Spirit; if we live by the Spirit we become more Christ like. If we walk in the light as He is in the Light, we endeavor to become a “grown” Christian. We learn to bridle not only the tongue but every “passion” of the carnal man.

Easy? Certainly not! But it has to be "a daily choice" how we speak and what we say; our manner of dress and attitude; how much and what we eat that provides individual needs. We are God's workmanship and all we do is to be done for His honor and glory.

I think my new Year's resolution will be to awaken each morning to making the day's choices to feed my Spiritual wolf!