Our Times

First Century Christians
Wouldn’t you have loved being in the number of  first century Christians?  Their love for each other, and the caring for each others’ welfare was paramount in their lives.  They contributed to the welfare of those who would carry the gospel into all the world without any hesitation.  When there arose tragedies, disasters, and deep needs, they banded together and took care of those needs; doing good to all men and especially to those of the household of God.

This century has brought about such changes in thinking, trust and care for the other person that is unreal.  We live in a world of scams and fraud, and that spills over into our whole lives.

The paradox is that we fall for the illegal scams, and don’t trust the true loving care, even of our brethren.   Yet, who can blame anyone for pulling away from their suspicions when any thing comes their way?

Not I; because  I, myself, have fallen before for someone’s decitful schemes!

But, the Lord willing, we will endure the pain of  “culture shock” or whatever comes our way, and maybe, just maybe, we can see the day when it swings back to the truth in all things!