When Salt is Tastless
by Mary Esther Wacaster

When cooking, I am a person that doesn’t exactly follow “the recipe” like I was taught to do. One good lesson I learned – to follow the rules, and also how salt can “lose its savor” – came one morning when I got up and went in to make breakfast before I was fully awake.
I put water in the pot, and set it on the heat. I added salt and cinnamon. When the water was steaming, I added oatmeal. Oooops! too much! So I added water. Oh, no, now too much water! So I added just a little bit more oatmeal. Now!

When I brought it to the table, blessing said, we put in milk and butter, and began eating. My husband made the remark: “Did you salt this?” I replied – yes – but then realized if I added or detracted I had to be sure the salt was in its right proportions