Your Life is Your Own
Your life is your own.  It is you that make the choices that govern your life.
You can make good choices and bad choices, but hopefully you won't be making choices that you will regret.

1. Attitude of leaving home. When you reach an age that you think you want to take control of your own life, don't leave home angry and breaking ties to your family if at all possible, because when you reach an age where family becomes more important to you, you may not be able to mend the break.

2. Ethical choices. No matter what your faith is, or how you are reared, there are ethical choices that even the cultures of the world have standardized, but unfortunately don't seem to follow their own ethics. If we could all learn to set our ethical goals and stand by them, we could better learn to cope in this world and have better relationships with each other. And if you are Christian, your ethical goals should be based upon scripture. The Bible teaches and lists the best ethics that the world has ever considered.

3. Choice of vocation.  If you make a choice early enough in life, you can work toward a goal with determination for a life of enjoyment in your choice. Make it your own choice and not a choice to please someone else, or you will soon regret it. If you make a choice that becomes a burden to you and pulls you down, then it is better to try to acquire better situations that will help.  Better education and understanding what is involved with the choices you make will help you stay healthy and emotionally stable.

4. Choice of a husband/wife. This is probably the hardest choice you will make in your lifetime. Respect and earning an understanding relationship before you marry is a must for a lasting and happy marriage. This should be a lifetime choice, and the better you know that person, and the better you have understanding all that can be involved, the better that marriage will be.  You cannot base your future on romantic feelings because after those feelings are satisfied, you begin to see and understand all the problems of misunderstanding and what they can mean to your life.  If you go into a marriage with the attitude that "if I am not happy, I can always get a divorce", your life will end up with one regret after another, for you cannot exchange one situation for another that will be another burden to you, which is the usual way divorce ends up.  So rarely does one find another marriage to be a happy choice.  And divorce is certainly not the Christian way of life.

But if you make a wrong choice that becomes a bitter entrapment to you (in whatever phase of your endeavors), some of them must be endured or pay the regretful consequences. Some choices that we try to reverse can only bring about another bitter entrapment.
Christian or not, your choices have to be made, and hopefully with wisdom enough to see what the choice will mean to your future happiness.