Behold He Walks With Them

by Mary Wacaster

 As I stand upon Golgotha,
Behold! the lonely cross!
I hear the screaming rent
That is the Temple's loss.
The murky sky is churning;
The thunder rolls about;
Then I feel the barren chill:
God's son .there is no doubt.

Before the tomb I stand.
Behold! the darkened grave!
I ponder upon the thought,
Who gives as He gave?
Alas, with bitter tears I weep.
Alas! the Lamb was slain!
How do I turn from the place
Wherein the dead was lain?

Amazed stand I; the tomb is op'ed.
Behold! the shining light!
That reaches out to me
Symbolic of His might,
Leaving only shadows
Across Golgotha's knoll
To lead me on through death
And regenerate my soul.

Contrite I stand before Him.
Behold! His Holy Word!
To which I hold, by which I live,
To teach as I have heard.
By every word must I be tried
Before my final rest.
In His name I should long
To give my very best.

On through timeless ages
Behold! the faithful stand!
Trusting in His Promises
They walked the desolate land.
Those, who, as through the grave
Triumphant passed with Him
In obedience to His will.
Behold! He walks with them