Time Swiftly Passes

by Mary Wacaster & Tom Wacaster, Jr.

These two verses were written as thought and answer.

Tom Wacaster, Jr.
The year drags on, the Summer flies.
The darker Winter steals the skies.
It seems the life we have so known,
Has swiftly passed and now is gone.
But hope holds fast within my breast.
Nature, it seems, must pause to rest.
And even as I sleep to feel refreshed,
So Spring soon wakes with its warm breath.

Mary Wacaster.
Seasons and Seasons soon pass us by
Until Life's winter has drawn nigh,
Life's hoary frost covers our head
And we draw the cover upon Life's bed.
For the life we have so long known,
Has swiftly passed and will soon be gone.
But the hope that lay within the breast,
Left behind, springs eternal in our rest.
So Nature, refreshing in her love, esteems
All of our seasons, and all of our dreams.