Storms and Stormy weather

Life's storms can bring chaos to a person -  by physical experience or by mental anguish.   But I don't find it so strange that the awesomeness of the power  of nature can appear as beautiful as the aesthetic beauty of nature.

The more experiences we have the more opportunities we have to observe nature's ways, 

  But I suppose there are those in this world that would give you an odd side glance.   At least, I have found this to be so.  I'm not certain why either, but I find that comfort comes in the knowing and understanding of all the workings of God's universe, its purpose and its course,  If you know and understand, then there is no fear; just like where there is love, there is no fear.   It's like a feeling you are going to have to walk a stormy road, but God will be with you to guide you and get you through what's happening.

  I have seen it said over and over, the saying "God is in control".   Maybe that doesn't make a lot of sense either, because we are given the right to make our own choices, whether those choices are good or bad.