truth Has Fallen On Hard Times
By Tom Wacaster
Pilate asked, “What is truth?” Perhaps some of our Senate investigations of the past few years have been tempted to ask the same question. Today’s headline reveals that former F.B.I director Comey is about to be called back to the witness stand because, among other things, his previous testimony simply does not harmonize with the facts. This past Presidential campaign featured two candidates from the leading political parties, both of which said candidates have been caught in numerous exaggerations, half-truths, and out and out lies. Senate investigative committees are kept busy trying to separate fact from fiction and truth from lies. Much of the dishonesty, lying and cover-up that has plagued our nation, especially in politics but not limited thereto, has put a damper on any desire on the part of the populace to know the truth and/or the ability of some to tell the truth. It is a fact, however, that truth is truth, and all the lying and cover-up will not change a lie into truth. Someone observed: “The truth cannot be burned, beheaded, or crucified. A lie on the throne is still a lie, and truth in a dungeon is still truth.”  Yes, truth has fallen on hard times.

I wish I could say that the lies, half truths, and false testimony was limited to politicians. However, such is not the case. Not far removed from the politicians are those religious shysters who dupe and delude the innocent by their fair and smooth speech, contributing to the misconception that truth is vague and unattainable. One so-called theological “scholar” will tell you one thing, and across the street or down the block another “pastor,” “priest,” or “potentate” will tell you exactly the opposite, with all of them claiming they have discovered some previously unknown “truth” (though they seldom call it that). Is it any wonder that some prominent theologians are declaring that truth is unattainable, and that even if attained, it is constantly changing? Such self proclaimed “wisdom” is really nothing more than “sophisticated silliness.” It would be bad enough if the religious leaders of our nation’s thousands of denominations were the only ones spewing out such nonsense. Unfortunately some of our own once faithful brethren  are parroting the denominational leaders of a corrupt and bankrupt religious system that has captured the minds of the unbelieving. This generation has been fed the notion that there is no truth for so long that they actually believe it to be the truth. Dear reader, can you not see the foolishness in such reasoning? Oh yes—truth has fallen on hard times. If there is no truth, then any affirmation that there is no truth cannot itself be true - seeing there is no truth. The American people, due in part to their gullibility and in large measure to their ignorance, have bought this notion that truth is some mystic, far away, unreachable ideology, and consequently they have long since abandoned any serious search for truth. We have left it up to the “preachers” to do the searching for us, and we act shocked when these “religious racketeers” take us to the cleaners.

Some years ago I had the opportunity to play a round of golf with a brother in Christ who lived in South Africa and who was an avid golfer; I’m talking pro-golf quality. After we teed off of the first green, I felt intimidated. That feeling persisted until we had golfed another seventeen holes and my “bragging rights” had been properly put in their place. I repeatedly told my fellow golfer that he had me at a distinct disadvantage. Were he and I to play before an audience, to whom do you think the audience would pay the closest attention? To ask is to answer.

Now ask yourself this question. In a world where truth has fallen on hard times, and where men and women are, without doubt, looking for something—anything—better, if we present the truth in its beauty and simplicity it will so far outshine the error that permeates our society that the difference would stand out like the bright noonday sun held up to a small candle. Our Lord affirmed, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32).  Within our Lord’s affirmation are two inherent facts: (1) Truth is absolute. It is interesting that our Lord did not say, “Ye shall know what you THINK to be the truth, and what you THINK shall make you free.”  Nor did He say that “you shall honestly follow your opinion, and your opinion shall make you free.” Truth is truth. If I am ignorant of truth, or if I reject the truth, it does not make it any less the truth. (2) Our Lord’s statement also implies that truth is attainable.  “Ye shall know” is a clear affirmation that it is possible to know! Words cannot be any clearer.  It may require hard study on my part, but truth is attainable. If it is not possible to come to a knowledge of truth then our Lord’s statement is of no value whatsoever.

Seeing, therefore, that the truth is available, attainable, and advantageous, why don’t we quit being discouraged over the title wave of the lies that have become so much a part of our corrupt culture, get on with searching out the truth for ourselves, and then start shouting it from the rooftops? Therein is freedom. Therein is life.