Growing Spiritually

Add to faith (moral conviction).

virtue (valor that is excellence).
Add to virtue
knowledge (as understanding and the sicience of).
Add to knowledge
temperance (self control).
Add to temperance
patience (cheerful endurance).
Add to patience
godliness (piety; specifically of the gospel theme).
Add to godliness
brotherly kindness (affection for).
Add to brotherly kindness
charity (benevolence and love).

If these things abide in you (come into existence quietly) and abound (increasing) you will not be lazy or useless or without fruit in the recognizance and/or full discernment of the Christ.
This is a cycle of events that takes place in the growth of a Christian. It starts with the idea of being convicted of sin and wanting to make the changes necessary to be Christ-like.
Then comes the desire to excell in Christian attributes. As the understanding of all precepts proceeds, comes self control, and is perfected in cheerful endurance of all the problems controlled through the trust in Christ, and one becomes more Christ-like and living more as a Christian should. Through this walk one gains more affection for God’s children and grows in the benevolence and love of God. As one finishes the cycle it continues again to add to each phase as one walks with his Lord each day.
But the one who lacks these things is spiritually blind and has forgotten that they have been cleansed.

God has invited us to enter His Kingdom, and we who choose that path should give diligence to make that “calling” and election” (choice) sure: and if we do these things we will never stumble and fall.